It is only together that we can build the Temple.

Our mission is to promote Freemasonry in general, and the York Rite of Freemasonry in particular.
Our vision is that every Master Mason in North Texas will obtain further light from the York Rite.

Meeting Times

The Tarrant County York Rite Association meets on the 5th Tuesday of months having five Tuesdays, except December and January. Our annual election and installation of officers is on the 4th Tuesday of January. Dinner is usually held off-site at around 5:15 PM and the meeting itself starts at 6:45 PM.

Why the York Rite?

The degrees and orders of the York Rite are a series of powerful experiences that continue the story that began, but did not finish, in the Symbolic Lodge. The Chapter degrees tell the story of recovery and teach you the Lost Word of a Master Mason. The Council degrees tell the story of preservation and teach you how the Lost Word was saved in the first place. The Commandery orders tell the story of continuation and teach Christian Masons how the tenets of Freemasonry live in harmony with Christianity.


Your York Rite journey began in the the Symbolic Lodge, when you were initiated as an Entered Apprentice, passed to the degree of Fellowcraft, and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The symbolic lodge is considered the first of the four York Rite bodies, and the beginning of a grand adventure.


Your journey will continue in the Royal Arch Chapter, through the degrees of Mark Master Mason, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason. Each of these degrees teaches different moral lessons and finishes the story that was started in the Symbolic Lodge, and ends with the recovery of the Lost Word.


The Royal Master and Select Master degrees of the Cryptic Council tell a story that happens before the events of the Master Mason degree. These degrees teach us how the Word was preserved and focus on lessons of friendship, forgiveness, and accepting our mortality. Council completes Ancient Craft Masonry.


In addition to Ancient Craft Masonry, the Christian Mason will find further light in the three Commandery Orders. The Order of the Temple is considered by many to be the most beautiful and impressive degree or order in all of Freemasonry. Masonic Knights Templar aspire to be true spiritual warriors for Christ.

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